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About Us

Idea Tenda Mary was born in 1991 (registered trademark), performing the 'activities Packaging of curtains for third parties, in a few years become a major player in Italy for this sector, satisfying the needs of a large number of retailers and many of the Contractor for concerns the provision for hotels and large structures.

Mary Design is a registered trademark founded in 2006 as Brand Idea Tenda Mary srl and has as its objective the Sale of Home Furnishings in general, tablecloths, chair covers, pillows etc..
Within a few months the Mary Holder understands that what customers are looking for what is the material to HIRE, thus beginning a production of chair covers and table linens for hire Events in general, becoming number one in the rental thanks to the intuition Mary who invented and patented a Universal seat cover that will fit many types of chair, this has allowed us to Rent in throughout Italy and all 'foreign becoming a point of reference in Italy for Caterers, Catering and Private with the Brand
                                                            "Mary Design - Hire for Events"

In 2013, Mary, with a passion for dancing, he decides to create a 'Brand else with the same name but with different target and created

                                                     With so much effort and tenacity was put to work and has developed a series of very elegant dresses for the Ball, finished with great precision by creating a sale on-line through e-commerce.
Tailoring professionals, technicians, communications experts and modellers, this is Mary Design.

The owner Mary over many years a continuing education project with the staff making use of its many years of experience in the world of tailoring. The result is a very high quality level.

All 'inside the tent Idea srl Mary can find a space dedicated to show for all those who decide to come to the office to see and try all the garments of

                      Collection Dresses for the Ball 2013

       " Mary Design - High Fashion in Dance"Mary Design - High Fashion in Dance"

About Us
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About Us
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